Quality Policy

We are committed to manufacture and supply highest Quality products to meet pharmacopeias Regularity & customers need at competitive price and on time delivery.

We are committed to fully support to continual improvement & up gradation of our systems, process technology, employee competence, adopting Current Good Manufacturing Practice & Quality Management System to enhance the international quality standard of our products and services.

Quality control & Quality Assurance :
At Prudence we believe in supplying quality products. In order to enforce quality products manufacturing process is carried out under strict supervision of our technically and competent staff as per the predefined processes and procedures. We ensure that the GMP standards are met and products comply with international quality standards.

We have documented quality control manual, Validation manual, Training manual, all type of standard operating procedures [SOP], a calibration program and extensive process controls as per cGMP & ISO 9001:2008 certification to stand with the best in the world. We are providing open communications with our customers and suppliers.

We are working on a well defined quality control and quality Assurance Plan. Quality control measures have been checked at various stages of production starting from approval of raw materials, in-process materials, Intermediates stage and extends to analysis of finished products to ensure consistent quality so that our customers get value added products.

At Prudence Pharmachem, we ensure flawless production and distribution of our products. We maintain up-to date records for all manufactured products. All of our products pass through rigorous tests according to the Pharmacopoeia like IP, BP, EP and USP. Stability studies are conducted on all our manufactured products. All the goods are freshly manufactured with shelf life of 3 to 5 years.

At Prudence Pharma Chem we believe that technology used deserves special attention and commitment to quality improvement which is shared by each employee and dedicated to customer satisfaction by :
  • Providing the highest quality products and best services to the customer.
  • Believing in transparency with our customers.
  • Adopting methods of continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Encouraging the training of personnel.
  • Providing our customers with the best value for our products and services.


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